Elizabeth Hoak-Doering’s recent imagery presents transitional areas where the possibility of legibility blurs with images and how they are read. Originally a student of anthropology, she has immersed herself in places where political identity and the role of the individual are in flux or at stake, looking at ways material culture and sound betray such shifting conditions. Subjects for her exhibitions and publications often come from mundane sources (lore, everyday objects, graffiti), which lead to significant historical research. Because she is looking at these phenomena in a diachronic way, habits of archiving and recording usually become part of her work and help separate out (and then conflate) the actions of individuals over time.

Distinctions include the Internationales Atelierprogramm at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (2016/2017); and in 2011, National Representation in the 54th Venice Biennale, Cyprus Pavilion. She received an American Fulbright Scholarship in Cyprus (sculpture) 1997/1998.
Born in Philadelphia, USA based in Nicosia, Cyprus and Berlin.



1988: BA magna cum laude Anthropology
Amherst College, MA USA
1991: MAed. University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA USA
1997: MFA, Sculpture. Boston University, Boston, MA USA


Solo Exhibitions

2017: PSYCHOPOMP, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

2016: ARCHIVE, the Office, Nicosia Cyprus

2012/13: (ESPECIALLY FOR REMOTE VOYAGES), Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl, Germany

54th Venice Biennale, Pavilion of the Republic of Cyprus
co-representing Cyprus (Yiannis Toumazis curator)

Pharos Centre for Contemporary Art, Nicosia CY

Nicosia Municipal Art Center, CY

2008: EXPLICATION DE TEXTE Pantheon Gallery, Nicosia CY

The Philadelphia International Airport, USA

Art Alliance of Philadelphia, USA

University City Arts League, Philadelphia, USA

Nexus Center for Today’s Art, Philadelphia, USA

Pantheon Gallery, Nicosia

Monagri Center for Contemporary Art, Limassol CY

1998: RECENT WORK Kyklos Gallery, Paphos, CY

American Center, Nicosia CY


Selected Group Exhibitions

European Central Bank, Frankfurt, Germany

(curator Elena Parpa), European Capitol of Culture 2017, Cyprus

(curator Yiannis Toumazis)
Nicosia Municipal Art Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus

(curator Yiannis Toumazis), Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Israel

(co-curators Michael Artz, Yiannis Toumazis)
Halle 14, Leipzig, Germany

(curator Luis Guilherme Vergara)
collaboration with Re:Aphrodite, at MAC: Niteroi
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

(curator Yulia Aksenova), Manege, Moscow

2014: ILLUSIONIST SHOW, Drawing Center, New York

2013/14: TOURIST CITY, Pierides Museum, Larnaca

2013: FUSIFORM GYRUS (curator Raimundas Malašauskas), Lisson Gallery, London

2012/13: COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE: EARLY-HUMAN NARRATIVES (curator Alejandro Casazi), The Platform Gallery, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, Santa Barbara CA USA

(curator Yiannis Toumazis), Nicosia Municipal Art Centre

2012: OSTRALE’12 (curator Martin Müller), Dresden

2012: PALIMPSEST (with Horst Weierstall), Theartspace, Nicosia and Düsseldorf

2012: DRAWING ROOM Omikron Gallery, Nicosia

2010/11 FLUXUS-POST-FLUXUS (with Horst Weierstall), Theartspace, Düsseldorf and Nicosia

(curators Yiannis Toumazis and Andri Michael)
Espace Commines, Paris

2010: OUT OF OSTRALE Alter Schlachthof. Eupen, Belgium

2010: OUT OF OSTRALE Galeria Szyb Wilson. Katowice, Poland

2010: OSTRALE 10, (curator Martin Müller) Dresden

2010: SUSPENDED SPACES, (curators Brent Klinkum and Françoise Parfait), Maison de l’Architecture, Amiens, France

2010: The Drawing Center, New York: Slide Registry, re-admitted

2008: A BOOK FOR A LIFETIME (with Horst Weierstall), Theartspace, Nicosia

2008: PHAROS = 10 (curator Michael Asbury), the Nicosia Municipal Art Centre Associated with the Pierides Foundation, Nicosia.

2008: NAVAJO LANDSCAPE RADIO PROJECT, in the 10th International Armenian Biennial, Gyumri Armenia

2006: FOUR WAYS TO TELL A STORY, Eli Marsh Gallery, Amherst College, Amherst, MA

2005: NEWS FROM NO WHERE: VISIONS OF UTOPIA. Walthamstow, London

2005: ARTWORK (curator Amy Ingrid Schlegel), Tufts University, Massachusetts USA

2005: NEW WORK IN DRAWING Fine Arts Faculty, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

2005: ART FULL TEXT Art in City Hall, Philadelphia

2004: ALTERED EDEN (curator Amy Ingrid Schlegel), Brattleboro Museum, Vermont USA

2003: The Drawing Center, New York: Slide Registry, admitted.

2003: NEW WORK Fine Arts Faculty, The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

2002: ARMENIAN BIENNIALE Gyumri, Armenia

2002: ON THE EDGE (curator Claudia Gould), Long Beach Island Foundation for Arts & Sciences, New Jersey USA

2001: FACULTY SHOW Graduate School of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

2000: MULTIPLES (curator Claudia Gould) Main Line Center for the Arts, Haverford, Pennsylvania


Commissions, Collections

University of Wollongong, NSW Australia
Mead Museum, Amherst College, USA
the Cyprus State Museum
the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture
Alumni of the Rowing Program, The University of Pennsylvania
the Collection of the Gyumri Biennale
the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania


Selected Catalogues

2015: Our Land / Alien Territory Triumph Gallery, Moscow

2012: Terra Mediterranea - In Crisis The Nicosia Municipal Art Centre (NiMAC)

2011: Temporal Taxonomy (essays by Yiannis Toumazis, Liz Wells, and Marcia Brennan). Catalogue for the Cyprus Pavilion at the 54th International Venice Biennale of Art. Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture, Nicosia 2011. Greek / English, 140 pages.

2010: Suspended Spaces Collective, Suspended SpacesBlackjack Éditions, France. French / English in separate volumes, 327 pp.

2010: OSTRALE’10 Rites of Passage Dresden, Germany 2010, German / English, 95 pages.

2000: Church of Memory (with text by Ossian Ward and poem by Stephanos Stephanides) The Monagri Foundation [Engl./Gk.] ISBN 9963-622-08-9, 30 pages.


Published Writing

2016 "A Photo in a Photo: The Optics, Politics and Powers of Hand-held Portraits in Claims for Justice and Solidarity"
The Cyprus Review Vol. 27. No. 2, pp. 15 - 42

2013 "The Photographic Pietà: A Model of Gender, Protest and Spatial-Temporal Dislocation in Modern Cyprus", a chapter in Constructing Identities: Cypriot Photography in Context
pp. 167 - 192 I.B. Tauris, London

2012 "The Stones of the Suez Canal: a Discourse of Absence
and Power in Cyprus and Egypt" The Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies vol. 14 no.2 pp. 199 - 228

2010 "Howl[ing] Without Raising Their Voices: Gender, and the Politics of Graffiti in Lefkosia/Lefkosha" The International Feminist Journal of Politics 12:1 pp. 91 - 104

2009 "With a Spray Can in Lefkosia/Lefkosha: Murals, Graffiti and Identity" The Cyprus Review Vol. 21. No. 1, pp. 145 - 172

2007 "Visual Art in Conflict Resolution: Commemoration, Narration and Pro-Active Practice" in Eidelson, R. J., Laske, J., and Cherfas, L. (eds). Peacemaker 101: Careers Confronting Conflict Philadelphia, PA: Solomon Asch Center for Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict.

2003 "Elizabeth Hoak Doering on Warren Rohrer at the Philadelphia Museum of Art" www.artcritical.com New York, USA. David Cohen, ed.

2003 "A Letter from Cyprus: Vision and Division" www.artcritical.com New York, USA. by Elizabeth Hoak-Doering, David Cohen ed.


Selected Online Articles

'Separatism and Souvenirs go on Display at Moscow Exhibition'
Ukraine Today
17 September 2015

(especially for remote voyages) at Marl Museum
Georg Elben, director video introduction [German]

‘A VIRTUAL BIENNALE - Laura Stocks interviews Cyprus Pavilion Artists Elizabeth Hoak-Doering and Marianna Christofides’ A Virtual Biennale

labiennale tv
Cyprus Pavilion

Daily Motion
Cyprus Pavilion | 54th Venice Biennale
Temporal Taxonomy Creation

Editors Blog: A Journey Through the 54th Venice Biennale: Sound is All Around You by Lucy Bannister

Venice Biennale 5 To See by Tom Jeffreys (Spoonfed UK, 9 June 2011)

LIVE FROM THE 54TH VENICE BIENNALE - Dispatch 2: The city awakes to new art by M. Och and P.Thayer
Art Aujourdhui Paris, June 2011

Cliché-ridden Clap Trap– Venice Biennale 2011
Crystal Bennes (Fadwebsite London, 13 June 2011)

Venice – Cyprian Pavilion
Happy Famous Artists, 8 June 2011

L’Uomo Vogue
May-June 2011 (n. 421) p. 211
Forms in Motion Andrea Zappa

Schichtwechsel Lichtensteiner Kunstverein
19 August 2011 Venice Biennale 2011

Archives de la catégorie 'Artistes & Œuvres'
Elizabeth Hoak-Doering / Suspended Spaces #1
à la Maison de l'Architecture Amiens, France January 2009


Selected Print Reviews

‘Η χρονική ταξινομία της Κύπρου στη Βενετία’ by Eleni Xenou Ο Φιλελεύθερος 12 June 2011

‘A Space to Think’ by Nefeli Misuraca The Sunday Mail 12 June, 2011

‘Ο καλλιτέχνης κάνει την άμμο μαργαριτάρια ELIZABETH HOAK-DOERING: Στο ατελιέ ...’ interview by Elena Parpa O Φιλελεύθερος Spring 2011

‘Venice Biennale’ by Glynn Hughes The Cyprus Weekly 27 May - 2 June 2011

‘Στο δρόμο για Βενετία’ by Meropi Moiseos ΠΟΛΙΤΗΣ 17 May 2011

‘Ο καλλιτέχνης τολμά να αντικρίσει τον εαυτό του’ by Eleni Xenou Ο Φιλελεύθερος 13 February 2011

‘Οι εκλεκτές της Μπιενάλε’ ΠΟΛΙΤΗΣ 11 February 2011

‘Πολυεπίπεδες εικαστικές αναζητήσεις’ by Marina Schiza Ο Φιλελεύθερος 11 February 2011-10-13

‘Repubblica di Cipro, Elizabeth Hoak-Doering photographed by Miriam Butler’, written by Andrea Zappa L’Uomo VOGUE’ no. 421, Mag/Giu 2011

“Seyler, taniklar” by Oya Akin Yeni Duzen 4 July, 2009

“Refreshing Talent” by Nefeli Misuraca Cyprus Mail 12 June, 2009.

“Elizabeth Hoak-Doering: ‘Open Call στο Δημοτικό Κέντρο Τεχνών Λευκωσίας΄Ανοικτές Προ(σ)κλήσεις. Elizabeth Hoak-Doering Αντικειμενικ’ες Τοποθεήσεις” by Christina Lambrou Politis (Cyprus) 7 June 2009 p. 101

“Elizabeth Hoak Doering: ‘Explication de Texte’” by Christina Lambrou Politis (Cyprus) 2 November 2008 p. 87

“Η Απολαυστική Ζωή της Elizabeth Hoak-Doering” by Marios Dimitriou The Simerini (Cyprus) March 4, 2007

Pennsylvania Gazette, “Tribute to Joe Burk”, Summer 2005

“Sculpture of Rowing Legend Will Be Affixed To Penn Boathouse” by Peter Van Allen. Philadelphia Business Journal. 6th May issue.

Church Building (photo feature on cover) Issue 82, July/August 2002

“The Gyumri Biennial”. Gazet’art December 2002 (Magazine of South East European Contemporary Art Network) in Springerlein

"Observing September 11". Faith and Form Journal of the Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art and Architecture. Vol. XXXV No. 3, 2002

"Elizabeth Hoak-Doering Interview by Robin Rice." City Paper (Phila.) 5/9 -16, 2002

"The Sacred Place of Memory." by E. Parpa, Phileleftheros (Cyprus) 8 July 2001

"Memory, A Place of Worship." by A. Polydorou Politis (Cyprus). 24 June 2001



2011 Venice Biennale, co- representing the Republic of Cyprus

2011 Cool Silicon Art Award, Jury Member

2008 Nicosia Municipal Art Center, Open Call

2005 Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellowship Special Opportunity Stipend

2004 Leeway Foundation Window of Opportunity Award, Philadelphia US

2003 Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellowship Special Opportunity Stipend

2000 Leeway Foundation Window of Opportunity Award, Philadelphia USA

1997/98 Leeway Foundation Window of Opportunity Award, Philadelphia USA

1996/97 United States Fulbright Scholar in Cyprus

1996/97 Dean’s Scholar, School for the Arts, Boston University, USA

1995/96 Alajalov Scholarship, School for the Arts, Boston University, US


Residencies | Workshops

2016-2017: Internationales Atelierprogramm
Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

2012: International Artist in Residency Program, University of Wollongong, Sydney

2012: Artist in residence, University of Technology, Sydney

2011: STEIM - Instrument Lab, Residency and Collaboration. Amsterdam

2002-2004: Artist in residence, The Philadelphia Cathedral, Philadelphia, PA USA

2001: The Monagri Centre for Contemporary Art, Cyprus

1992: The Vermont Studio Center, VT USA


Talks, Presentations

2016: 'Stones as Currency and Beyond: A Report on Practice-Based Research' Troubled Contemporary Art Practices in the Middle East: Post-colonial conflicts, Pedagogies of art history, and Precarious artistic mobilization
Conference Paper 3-4 June 2016
University of Nicosia, Cyprus

2014: 'Not Illicit, Not Optical: Examining the Power of a Prevented Photograph'
International Conference on Photography and Theory [ICPT2014]
Conference Paper 5 - 7 December 2014
Nicosia, Cyprus

2014: 'Famously Gone: the Ancient Stones of Cyprus and the Construction of the Suez Canal'
Cultures of Stone: Interdisciplinary Research on the Materiality of Stone
Conferenc Paper 18 - 20 September 2014
University College Dubln, Ireland

2013: 'Luck: Sailors' Graffiti'
The International Conference,Typography and Visual Communication
Artist Presentation 8 June 2013
University of Nicosia, Cyprus

2012: 'Thoughts On Experimental Drawing:
Giotto’s Red Circle and the Idea of an Apparatus'
Artist Presentation 25 October
European University-Cyprus

2012: 'Newest Findings in Australia:
the Stones of the Suez Canal Project'
University of Technology (UTS) Faculty of Design
Artist Presentation 6:30 pm, 24 August
Building 6, Harris Street, Sydney NSW

2012: Artist Talk
University of Wollongong (UOW) NSW Australia
in UOW's Postgraduate Week, 11:30 am, 4 September
'Making it Real: Practice Led Research'

2011: Public Conversation (virtual)
Elizabeth Hoak-Doering and
Chris Dole, Professor of Anthropology
Amherst College, Department of Art and History of Art
moderated by Randall Griffey, curator of American Art
6 October the Mead Art Museum, Amherst USA online podcast

2010: 'The Stones of the Suez Canal' in PRIO Cyprus Center Annual Conference, Conflicts and Values of Heritage: The Cyprus Case and Beyond 12 – 14 November, Nicosia CY

2010: 'The Acoustics of Still Photography' in the First International Conference of Photography and Theory, Cyprus Photography in Context: Time, Place, Identity at Cyprus University of Technology 26 - 27 November, Limassol CY

2008: 'Off the Wall: Animations of Politics on Inanimate Objects' Cyprus and Divided Societies Conference workshop presentation, Queen’s University Belfast.

2006 'Elizabeth Hoak Doering, formal comments to undergraduates' Four Ways to Tell a Story Amherst College, Amherst, MA

2006: TALK20 University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Department of Architecture

2006: 'Cachet and the Minority Revisited: New Intellectual Correctness for Modern Cyprus' Solomon Asch Center For Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict. Summer Institute Reunion Conference 8 - 10 June, Philadelphia, PA USA


Academic Affiliations

2007 – today University of Nicosia, Associate Professor of Art Department of Design and Multimedia, Nicosia

2000 – 2007 University of Pennsylvania, School of Design