22 - 24 September, 2017
Friends with Books

Art Book Fair
Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart


21 September, 2017 - 1 December 2017
Contemporary Art from Cyprus
curator Britta von Campenhausen
European Central Bank


1 June, 2017 - 1 October 2017
a Collaboration between Skulptur Projeket Münster
and Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl
Marl, Germany


24 May, 2017 - 18 June 2017
public opening 24 May 19:00
artist book launch "Oniritti" and finissage 18 June, 16:00
Künstlerhaus Bethanien

press release


2016 - 2017
Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
International Studio Programme


27 January 2017 - 17 March 2017
πλάνητες (planets)
opening exhibition of Cultural Capital of Europe
Pafos 2017
curator Elena Parpa
Paphos, Cyprus


12 January, 2017 - 11 March 2017
"so close and yet so far away..."
curator Yiannis Toumazis
Petach Tikva Museum of Art


17 September - 20 November 2016
Terra Mediterranea: In Action
co-curators Michael Arzt and Yiannis Toumazis
Halle 14
Leipzig, Germany


August - October 2016
Baía de Guanabara: águas e vidas escondidas
Guanabara Bay: Hidden Waters Hidden Lives
curator Luiz Guilherme Vergara
collaboration with re:Aphrodite, Shrines / Habitats
MAC: Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói
Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


11 - 17 May 2016
The Office Gallery
Nicosia, Cyprus
catalogue by request


May 2016
"A Photo in A Photo:
The Optics, Politics and Powers of Hand-held Portraits in Claims for Justice and Solidarity"
by Elizabeth Hoak-Doering
The Cyprus Review
Vol 27, No. 2, pp. 15-42


16 September (opening) - 7 October 2015
Our Land / Alien Territory
curated by Yulia Aksenova
Special Project of the 6th Moscow Biennale 2015
Department of Research Arts
Manege, Moscow

review in Metropolis M


21 October 2015
'Ashlars and Incisions:
Visual Interactions with Gothic and Medieval Buildings in Cyprus, Egypt and the United States'
artist talk at the Interdepartmental Byzantine and Medieval Studies Colloquium
University of Cyprus
Old Campus, 19:30


5 - 7 December 2014
'Not Illicit, Not Optical: Examining the Power of a Prevented Photograph'
International Conference of Photography and Theory

Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre Associated with the Pierides Foundation [NiMAC], Nicosia, Cyprus


18 – 21 September 2014
'Famously Gone: the Ancient Stones of Cyprus and the Construction of the Suez Canal'
Cultures of Stone
Interdisciplinary Research on the Materiality of Stone

University College Dublin


10 July 2014 - 24 August 2014
The Intuitionists Show
The Drawing Center, New York


May, 2014
"The Photographic Pietà: A Model of Gender, Protest and Spatial-Temporal Dislocation in Modern Cyprus“
by Elizabeth Hoak-Doering, a chapter in
Constructing Identities: Cypriot Photography in Context
2014, I.B. Tauris


15 December 2013 - 15 February 2014
Tourist City
intervention at the Pierides Museum
Larnaca, Cyprus


12 July - 7 September 2013
Fusiform Gyrus
curated by Raimundas Malašauskas
Lisson Gallery, London
Fusiform Gyrus at Lisson Gallery

review in Frieze Art Magazine


6-8 June 2013
'Luck: Sailors' Graffiti'
The International Conference,Typography and Visual Communication
Artist Presentation
University of Nicosia, Cyprus  


8 February – 17 July 2013
Art for All:
Additions to the Collection from Antiquity to Today
Mead Art Museum, Amherst College, MA USA


September 2012 – January 2013
Collective Intelligence: Early-Human Narratives
curated by Alejandro Casazi
PLATFORM Interdisciplinary Humanities Center
UC Santa Barbara, California USA  


December 2012 - February 2013
(especially for remote voyages)
Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl, Germany
Georg Elben, director
an exhibition within the museum’s collection of sound, sculpture and video


Thursday 25 October 2012
'Thoughts On Experimental Drawing:
Giotto’s Red Circle, and the Idea
of an Apparatus"
Artist Presentation
European University-Cyprus


21 - 24 August 2012
Artist in Residence, University of Technology (UTS) Faculty of Design NSW Australia.
Artist Presentation 6:30 pm, 24 August
'Newest Findings in Australia: the Stones of the Suez Canal Project'
Building 6, Harris Street, Sydney


27 August - 7th September 2012
International Artist in Residence
University of Wollongong (UOW) NSW Australia
Artist Presentation in UOW's Postgraduate Week
'Making it Real: Practice Led Research'


July 2012 - July 2013
The Middle Way
in Terra Mediterranea - In Crisis
curated by Yiannis Toumazis
the Nicosia Municipal Art Centre (the Power House)
Nicosia, CY


June 2012
"The Stones of the Suez Canal: A Discoure of Absence and Power in Cyprus and Egypt"
by Elizabeth Hoak-Doering
The Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies
Vol 14, No. 2, pp. 199-228


July 13– September 16 2012
Behind All Visible Objects are Other Visible Objects
Drawings about a trümmerberg in Dresden
OSTRALE’12 www.ostrale.de


Spring 2012
I-Land (2009), illustrates Stephanos Stephanides’
"I Land Home in the Waft of Sibyls
with their Ruthful Smiles"
The New Symposium (N. Durovicova and C. Merrill eds.) Autumn Hill Books, University of Iowa USA.
visible here in PDF


Spring 2012
Two drawings from Amanuensis (2011, Venice Biennale) have been acquired by
the Mead Art Museum
Amherst MA, USA
On view in 2013.


December 2011 - January 2012
Nicosia Radio
in Drawing Room exhibition
Omikron Gallery, Nicosia CY


May - October 2011
54th Venice Biennale
co-representing the Republic of Cyprus with
Amanuensis and Messagefield Project
Yiannis Toumazis, Cyprus Pavilion curator
Louli Michaelidou, commissioner of the Cyprus Pavilion

labiennale tv
Cyprus Pavilion

Daily Motion
Cyprus Pavilion | 54th Venice Biennale
Temporal Taxonomy Creation

A Virtual Biennale by Laura Stocks

Editors Blog: A Journey Through the 54th Venice Biennale: Sound is All Around You by Lucy Bannister

Venice Biennale 5 To See by Tom Jeffreys (Spoonfed UK, 9 June 2011)

LIVE FROM THE 54TH VENICE BIENNALE - Dispatch 2: The city awakes to new art by M. Och and P.Thayer
Art Aujourdhui Paris, June 2011

Cliché-ridden Clap Trap– Venice Biennale 2011
Crystal Bennes (Fadwebsite London, 13 June 2011)

Venice – Cyprian Pavilion
Happy Famous Artists, 8 June 2011

L’Uomo Vogue
May-June 2011 (n. 421) p. 211
Forms in Motion Andrea Zappa

Schichtwechsel Lichtensteiner Kunstverein
19 August 2011 Venice Biennale 2011


August 2011
residency and collaboration


Autumn 2011
Cool Silicon Art Award
jury member


6 October 2011
Open Talk (Virtual), USA 16:00 h; Nicosia 23:00
Mead Art Museum
with Randall Griffey, Curator of American Art
and Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Christopher T. Dole
Amherst, MA USA