The Church of Memory project is a two-part sculptural and sonic installation based on taped, oral interviews of Cypriots in the U.S.A., England, and the Republic of Cyprus. These formal interviews focused on visual memories of churches from which the participants had been separated, either as a result of economic emigration or displacement in the early 1970’s because of war.

The first part of the installation is a row of twelve narrow "icon stands", each of which has an interactive sound element that, from inside, triggers the voice of a participant describing an icon from memory. The second part is a chapel-like space with suspended moving objects, each an abstraction that relates to a particular memory, identified with a hammered aluminum tag.

Since this project was conceived, the political situation in Cyprus has changed considerably. The Church of Memory documents an aspect of Cypriot culture that is disappearing.


The Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture published a catalogue in 2001 that includes text by Ossian Ward and poetry by Stephanos Stephanides.
Catalogue as PDF

The Monagri Centre for Contemporary Art provided an Artist Residency in 2001 during which this project was completed, and where it was exhibited the first time (Limassol, Cyprus).