Little Bitty Dive (the act)

This drawing is a stenographic record of Rammellzee on the hip hop single, Beat Bop (1983). It is legible to someone who knows shorthand. The drawing is written on vintage Ford 428 blotter paper with graphite and printed arrows that connote both wild style graffiti, and shorthand didactic material. Together the pair of drawings, each 224 cm x 30, record three minutes and twenty seconds of rhyme.

Exhibited in 'Intuitionists', The Drawing Center, New York (2014)
online catalogue,
Drawingpapers #116 Intuitionists
text by Lisa Sigal, essays by curators Heather Hart, Steffani Jemison and Jina Valentine.

also read,
Hoak-Doering, Elizabeth (2010)
'Howl[ing] Without Raising Their Voices',
International Feminist Journal of Politics , 12:1, 91 - 104


Hoak-Doering, Elizabeth (2009)
'With a Spray Can in Lefkosia / Lefkosha: Murals, Graffiti and Identity',
The Cyprus Review , 21:1, 145 - 172


Fusiform Gyrus

Driver and Sailor and the Other Side are part of a semi-collaborative exhibition curated by Raimundas MalaĊĦauskas for the 'Fusiform Gyrus' show at Lisson Gallery, London. These Perspex works use displaced historical graffiti and are influenced by two stories, Herman Melville's Billy Budd and Ambrose Bierce's Incident at Owl Creek Bridge. Further collaboration included writing the publicity, here shown on Frieze magazine.

Perspex drawings are photographed as installed: in July 2013, Lisson Gallery, London.

included in exhibition review
Frieze magazine, issue 158, October 2013



Medieval Graffiti

These drawings work with historical graffiti, as found on Cyprus. In Some for Rammellzee, appropriated Gothic graffiti were scratched into the vitrines at a Cypriot archaeological museum. Hovering over Roman objects, this displaced writing refers to, and enacts Rammellzee's Iconic Treatise on Gothic Futurism.

They are photographed as an intervention at the Pierides Museum in Larnaca (2013/14).