The release of molten metal into cold water is a ritual performed in cultures all over the world. The resulting aleatoric forms are read for various purposes, ranging from exorcism and prognostication to diagnosis of recurring nightmares.

Initiation is the remnant of ritual performances for birth and death. Sixty-five pewter forms poured into holy water represent the number of live births, in Philadelphia, on September 11th 2001. Forty-five pewter forms poured into the Atlantic Ocean represent the passengers on Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. Each portion weighed exactly 4.5 ounces, and all are suspended over the baptismal font at Philadelphia Cathedral, Pennsylvania USA.

By chance, the total number of droplets combined to one hundred and ten: the number of floors in each of the Trade Centers.

The Episcopal Diocese of Philadelphia commissioned this memorial of the events of September 11th, 2001 as experienced in Pennsylvania.