The Navajo Landscape Radio Project is a sound-scape that exposes the connection between water waves which shape geographic / political boundaries; and radio waves which, through mass media, assist in forming the political, socio-linguistic content and connection between place and resident culture.

The Navajo are concentrated in a reservation area set between New Mexico, Arizona and Utah in the United States. KTNN 660AM, their radio station, serves as a center for public service announcements, community news. It is also – importantly - a vital example of the continued use of Navajo Language (Dine), which is recognized for its linguistic complexity.

KTNN is “the Voice of the Navajo Nation”. When heard through a radio, in a car speeding on the straight roads of the landscape, KTNN embeds past and present culture into the land. Call-in programs commonly enable speakers – on air – to negotiate contemporary issues pertaining to the Navajo Nation. At the same time, radio in Navajo country inevitably invokes the history of Navajo patriotism and heroic service, especially attributed to the WWII Navajo Code Talkers.

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