Fraktur Book of Aesthetics, Fixed for Markus

This book of aesthetic theory, originally printed in German (1906), is of a kind that was apparently trendy in its time. It recently appeared in a Nicosia bookstore - the Moufflon - and needed adaptation to the contemporary art community. It is now an accordion book (2013).



"Transistor Circuits in Electronics" : An Appreciation. (Or, When My Father Quit Being an Engineer)

Printed in 1964, this book was altered in 2012 so that it only shows the schematics of transistor circuitry, but not the theory. With this change, the book now comments on the curious (love - hate) relationship between artists and engineers, highlighted by an inversion of the authors' statement of purpose - preserved from the preface - that "no attempt has been made to make it a design book".



Marino Marini's Dancer Takes A Bow

As part of the (especially for remote voyages) show, this animation became a permanent addition to the collection of the Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl . The museum focuses on sound, video and sculpture, and owns one of Marini’s ‘Dancer’ series (1958). Upon close examination, the dancer seems to be wearing a kind of jester's suit. He is changing his weight from one foot to the other, with his arms slightly uplifted and his face tipped up to the light. Marini has frozen his dancer in a moment that needed to be released.

Marino Marini's Dancer Takes A Bow is a hand‐drawn animation that flows from the original frozen moment, into a bow and back up again, while staying close to the detail and spirit of the bronze sculpture.

Digitized by Pavlos Papadopoulos, the work is projected on a wall of the museum across from the bronze original.

(animation, 18 sec. loop 2012)



Underground utopia

Underground utopia (2005) is a collaged set of rubbings made from sewer covers located inside the United Nations controlled Buffer Zone in Cyprus. Even though the Buffer Zone is politically neutral, the lettering, words and names cast into the sewer covers retain [historical] territorial claims: British, Greek Cypriot, and Turkish/Turkish Cypriot.

Underground utopia suggests that the most basic level of humanity is covered over by labels of political and individual identity.