These selected works are based on frottages, or rubbings of historical ship graffiti that I saw on walls of the ruined Church of St. George of the Greeks, in Famagusta, Cyprus. The graffiti date from c.1570 to 1920 and they are represented at real size. I also do not modify the graffiti, and this includes how I worked with them in the animation Leaving the Harbour of Haloes: I interpreted direction, distance and momentum of the ships from the appearance of each graffito. In these works I explore the ambiguity that results from transposition into different media, the passage of time, and displacement of each graffito from its origins on specific walls.

Carpet Bag and Ghost, 2016
157 x 69 cm Silkscreen on vintage canvas bag
Exhibited in the Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, during the artist book fair, Friends With Books, 2017
Brig, 2010
Frottage on Nepali bark paper, 77 x 50 cm
100 x 74 cm, 2017, photopolymer etching on Zerkall paper, edition of three
contemporary palimpsest of all the ships inscribed in the Church of St. George of the Greeks, Famagusta CY
Collection of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt
2011, Leaving the Harbor of Haloes, Synchronized two channel animation for projection on bare wall, size variable. Animator: Pavlos Papadopoulos.
Pictured at the Conservatorio di Musica Benedetto Marcello in Venice, 54th Venice Biennale of Art Cypriot National representation in 2011.