Stasi and the mockingbird

This artist book is an exact reproduction of one 1969 German edition of To Kill a Mockingbird (Wer die Nachtigall Stört). I found it in the former central Stasi remand prison in Berlin. Inside, there is a meta-text of phrases that inmates underlined with their fingernails, and markings by Stasi wardens and other officials who … Read more

Things, Witness

Histories and biographies grow through discussions across tables, while people sit on chairs and as they pass by objects in their environment. Things, Witnesses! – also called Amanuensis – is a project about these silent witnesses to history. It is a kinetic installation where inanimate objects move, with a pencil. Visitors trigger motion detectors, indirectly … Read more


Psychopomp is a series of silkscreen prints based on graffiti from a “ghost station” in the former East Berlin underground, dating between 1950 – 1989.  The content of what I found ranged from silly to fascist, and it presented different questions from other graffiti I had worked with: whether political intention – or any subjective … Read more

Joe Burk tribute

Bas relief is a difficult method to explain. The liminal, and intuitive areas between two and three dimensions make it possible both to reveal and to hide things. This is most interesting for portraiture: to make a lifetime present at once through gesture and illusions of detail. Joe Burk was the world’s greatest oarsman in … Read more

Radio drawings

diode radio detail

Radio Drawings are extremely low-tech radios that operate without a connection to any power supply, including batteries. They are functional, site-specific radios that capture one or more broadcast signals depending on where they are installed. They are also drawings with wire that are structured by the need to obtain and refine a signal within particular … Read more