Political Statement Not for a T-Shirt

“Bridge-building” is a metaphor for deliberate interactions between communities and people that don’t always meet naturally. It’s used by marriage counsellors, teachers and by peacemakers. However social fragmentation is not as plainly two-sided as a bridge, and this work highlights essential but small, behind-the-scenes connections.  The title of this work, “Political statement not for a … Read more

Stasi and the mockingbird

This artist book is an exact reproduction of one 1969 German edition of To Kill a Mockingbird (Wer die Nachtigall Stört). I found it in the former central Stasi remand prison in Berlin. Inside, there is a meta-text of phrases that inmates underlined with their fingernails, and markings by Stasi wardens and other officials who … Read more

Reading Hohenschönhausen

The pilot study for the Reading Hohenschönhausen project happened in the winter of 2017 during an artist residency in Berlin. I was continuing my research on carved graffiti and visited the Stasi prison memorial Berlin-Hohenschönhausen, where I saw markings on the walls and in books left by political prisoners from about 1982-1989. The markings deal … Read more


Elizabeth Hoak Doering

Unbound is a work of drawings and poetry in preparation for an installation. The cut-up poetry (see below) of Unbound is an ambiguous collaboration: the lines in the poems are phrases set out by anonymous inmates at the secret Stasi prison, Berlin-Hohenschönhausen in the 1980s. I work with these texts translated from German to English because … Read more

History, Sideways

In History, Sideways the past is represented in a palimpsest of scratched graffiti that I found and copied from different places and periods of time in Cyprus. Most of these inscriptions had not been recorded before and some no longer exist, so the process of finding is an essential part of my process. I have … Read more

works based on maritime graffiti

These selected works are based on frottages, or rubbings of historical ship graffiti that I saw on walls of the ruined Church of St. George of the Greeks, in Famagusta, Cyprus. The graffiti date from c.1570 to 1920 and they are represented at real size. I also do not modify the graffiti, and this includes … Read more

Drawing, Writing

These works specifically overlap drawing and writing and blur the boundaries in between. Through repetition and copying (tracing), they are plays on authenticity and experiments with the look of speed. As a child, I saw my grandmother’s household notes in stenography which I understood as her private script. Her notes came to mind again after … Read more

Things, Witness

Histories and biographies grow through discussions across tables, while people sit on chairs and as they pass by objects in their environment. Things, Witnesses! – also called Amanuensis – is a project about these silent witnesses to history. It is a kinetic installation where inanimate objects move, with a pencil. Visitors trigger motion detectors, indirectly … Read more


Psychopomp is a series of silkscreen prints based on graffiti from a “ghost station” in the former East Berlin underground, dating between 1950 – 1989.  The content of what I found ranged from silly to fascist, and it presented different questions from other graffiti I had worked with: whether political intention – or any subjective … Read more


Stone re-use is a uniting theme in several of my visual and written works. I explore how stones incorporate economic, political and emotional aspects of societies while being elements of interiors and exteriors – both separating, and sheltering or uniting. The projects began with some Cypriot lore: In the 19th century Mediaeval and Classical monuments … Read more