The messagefield project is a drawing / performance / installation, using apparatuses specifically designed to produce markings from the movement of wind, water or a tree. I made the first wind apparatuses for the Sixth International Armenian Biennale in 2002. I thought, what if I could “catch” messages coming over the shoulders of Mt. Ararat (now Turkey) into modern Armenia?

Setting up two apparatuses in Sarmosavank, Armenia 2002

After Armenia, the messagefield project performances took place through 2006 in notable locations (on the Bosphorus, Mt. Denali, the Acropolis); at socially meaningful times (the day Johnny Cash died, during the birth of a child); and for the duration of meteorological and lunar phases (lunar eclipses, hurricanes). They also suggest alternative ways to describe liminal areas of both temporal and spatial reckoning (tidal zones, contested political areas and year transitions).

Selections from the messagefield project were shown in the Cyprus Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale (2011), and inspired the poem, ‘Occlusionary’ by Julia Bloch (Valley Fever, 2015 Sidebrow Books).

Bright sun, pigeons, bells tolling midday, twenty six minutes, full moon, six planets aligned
graphite on mylar, 38 x 38 cm
Drawing made by 26 minutes of wind on 8th November 2003 in Philadelphia, USA
Dust from 1533, Leonid [Asteroid] Showers
graphite on mylar, 38 cm x 38 cm
Drawing made by 630 minutes of wind on 18-19th November, 2003 in Philadelphia, USA
Johny Cash is in the Air, 3 pigeons watching
graphite on mylar, 38 x 38 cm
the day Johnny Cash died, September 12th, 2003 in Philadelphia, USA
Sounds of San Francisco at Alcatraz
graphite on mylar, 46 x 46 cm
Drawing made by 74 minutes of wind, on 14th March, 2003 in San Francisco, USA
wind at Alcatraz, 2003
wind during a total lunar eclipse, full occlusion 7:47 – 8:54 pm 8 September 2003
2004 coming, December 30th, 2003 in Philadelphia
wind on Mt. Denali Alaska, July 2004