Radio Drawings are extremely low-tech radios that operate without a connection to any power supply, including batteries. They are functional, site-specific radios that capture one or more broadcast signals depending on where they are installed. They are also drawings with wire that are structured by the need to obtain and refine a signal within particular architectures.

Viewers become listeners, as the unassisted radio seems to pick a quiet voice out from nothing. The drawings illustrate how we pass through the essence of all mass media, including radio waves, as we move around. While Radio drawings imitate maps and visual routes through open space, they are also conductors and mediators of frequency. These drawings are a comment on the ubiquity and penetration of mass media and they recall a 20th c. discussion of ‘intermedia’.

Radio Drawings stage a relationship between earth (ground), air (antenna), and the media discourse that is in between.

radio in an earth field for Marl detail
wire, diode and other radio components. Installed at the Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl 2012
radio in an earth field for Marl
installed at the Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl 2012
grounded on an existing sculptural installation by Micha Ullman (foreground), with a Marconi-style antenna in an oak tree outside
Nicosia radio
installed at Omikron Gallery Nicosia 2012
hentecagram rook coil: a reference to the 11 bastions in the Venetian walls around the city of Nicosia
Nicosia radio detail 2012
crab shoe radio
radio components including speaker, installed at Theartspace Nicosia 2011